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Need Help Reaching your Fundraiser Goals? We can Help.

Miguel’s Cocina is committed to community support. To that end, we invite qualified non-profit organizations to host fundraisers in any of our Miguel’s restaurants. It’s easy, read on.

Pick a Date:

Fundraisers are scheduled Sunday thru Thursday, depending upon location, and based on availability. Please indicate a first and second choice of dates and times to reduce delays in approval.

To Qualify:

Organization must have current non-profit tax ID #, and be able to meet a minimum threshold for food and beverage purchases. When selecting a date and location, please consider your attendee availability. Fundraisers must generate at least $500 in food and beverage sales to qualify for a donation. Groups that meet the minimum will qualify for 15% on all food and beverage purchased.

Application Approval:

We work to get approval for your event dates as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 2 weeks for your event application to be approved prior to promoting. Once your event application has been approved, a personalized flyer will be emailed for your organization to print and distribute.

To Ensure Success:

Pass out flyers to family, friends, neighbors and classmates. Post your flyer on your organization website. Email it to everyone you know. Include a flyer in your organization newsletter. Attach flyers to area bulletin boards. 15% of all food and beverage purchased* by your organization supporters will be donated to your non-profit organization.

*Minimum $75 donation – $500 food and beverage minimum purchase required.

Okay, now complete the attached form, and let’s get started!